18 May 2009

CSS Tutorial

Information to Start Your Week:

I've been having fun with CSS! Of all the references and tutorials I have bookmarked, the one at HTML Source is the one I keep going back to the most.

15 May 2009


Funny Friday:

FMyLife — short, funny tales of woe. Warning: Not entirely work-safe/family-safe.

14 May 2009

Parenting insight

Thursday Too Good to Miss:

Therapist and psychology blogger Erica Krull wants to know, "Are You a Parent or a Friend?" Must-read info for any parent with kids at home.

11 May 2009

Reliable Home Remedies site

Information to Start Your Week:

The Internet's full of alternative medicine quacks and snake oil salesmen, so a reliable home remedies site like this one is gold.

03 May 2009

Grace Before Meals

Spiritual Sunday:

Grace Before Meals is a ministry run by a priest named Fr. Leo to help families strengthen their connections through family meals. I especially liked the webisode on shopping for sauces in liturgical colors. I wonder what goes into a purple sauce? Lots of red wine, I hope!

23 April 2009

For Parents of Special-Needs Babies

Thursday Too Good to Miss:

Check out Be Not Afraid.net for support for parents whose babies are prenatally diagnosed with health problems, from Down syndrome to anencephaly.

22 April 2009

Oldest Known Temple

Midweek Curiosity:

Gobleki Tepe is thought to be the oldest known temple, dating to 11,000 years ago.